The Pirson staff has gained a more than 30 years experience in the supervision of all kind of refractory constructions in many installation projects worldwide. This accumulation of knowledge is available to any industry where supervision of installation contractors is required in any kind of project. This will assure that your refractories are being installed according to the highest quality standards and in accordance with the specifications of the designer.

Key Benefits

•Highly Experienced.
•Available on an as needed basis.
•Available on short notice.
•Used to work under a variety of conditions.


•In addition to supervision, Pirson can also be hired for dedicated services, like material handling and logistics, project and material planning. Examples of supervision services are:
•Setting up the site and organizing the main material storage area, combined with logistical manners like the day storage.
•Assessing manpower requirements (determine the need for skilled and unskilled labour), planning and scheduling, preparation of installation schedules and monitoring progress of the project.
•Installation Methodology.
•Needs assessment for auxiliary equipment such as alimac hoists, temporary platforms, installation openings, scaffolding, etc.


Thermal Inspection

Heat-up Services