Ferro – Alloy

Pirson Refractories has extensive experience in the ferro-alloy industry, both in design, installation and refractory lining supply of electric arc furnaces

Turn Key Relines

In close cooperation with Pirson Contractors we offer a full turn-key execution of your reline. The companies within the group cover the following disciplines:

  • Demolition
  • Refractory installation
  • Shell erection
  • Stave installation
  • Structural erection
  • Piping installation
  • Heavy lifting capacity
  • Full or Partial Relines

Pirson Refractories has gained extensive experience with the installation of blast furnace refractory linings of various designs and using all kinds of refractory materials. By making use of specially designed tools and equipment and often working on different elevations we are able to complete the installation in the shortest time possible.

Tap Hole Repairs

Often repair of the tap hole and the area directly around the tap hole, being one of the most vulnerable areas of the furnace, is required well before the projected end of the furnace campaign.

Campaign Extension Repairs

Often a certain area of the furnace has deteriorated so much that repair is required already before the scheduled reline date. Or in other circumstances a reline needs to be postponed due to market conditions or for cash flow reasons, not being able to do a complete reline. In such circumstances Pirson Refractories will assist you in preparing and executing a repair scenario for the most critical areas of the furnace which will allow you to continue the operation with minimum down time and investment.

Gunning of the Stack

In cooperation with our associated company Pirson Refractory Guniting we can gunite your blast furnace stack using manual or remote controlled equipment.

Blast furnaces

Hot blast stoves

Project management