In Europe as well as worldwide The Pirson Group is a major player in the heavy construction industry, both for complete new and renovation projects. The group consists of a number of independent business units in various countries spread across the globe. The business units are the link in a solid multifunctional chain providing the Pirson Group with its own unique identity.

Specialized knowledge available within the Pirson Group results in independence, flexibility and allows for an integral approach to project execution. The combination of in-house expertise and state of the art equipment makes Pirson into an innovative and interesting project partner for a variety of construction projects.

One of the business units established in the Netherlands is Pirson Refractories, specialist in refractory installation including site- and project management. Pirson Refractories consists of a tight and professional team with extensive worldwide experience in refractory installation and project management. For all refractory installation projects, Pirson Refractories cooperates with our strategic partner Set Linings Int. S.A. from Portugal, providing the best quality bricklayers since years.
Pirson Refractories executes turn-key integrated construction projects in the iron and steel, non-ferro, aluminum- and petrochemical industry. Pirson Refractories provides supporting services for the execution of construction projects such as site management, QAQC, lining condition assessment and preparation of repair scenarios for the iron and steel, non-ferro, aluminum and petrochemical industry.

Philosophy: Safety, quality and completion within time and budget, all realized in an environment of communication and coordination. The interaction between customer and contractor is of vital importance for the successful completion of a project. During the preparation and execution phase, close cooperation between customer/designer and the contractor is emphasized minimizing interface problems between subcontractors and the resulting loss of time and money. In addition, maximum benefits are derived from the innovations and experience gained by Pirson on contracts worldwide.
Common sense, a hands on, no nonsense mentality, dedicated personal and commitment. All these qualities make Pirson Refractories the ideal partner to cooperate with for the completion of your project.

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