Thermal Inspection

A variety of inspection services is available, using state of the art instruments like infrared camera and water-cooled video cameras.

Thermo Graphic Inspections

All Pirson knowledge and experience is available for their customers. As an additional service option, Pirson Refractories offers the possibility to train the Refractory Management and the Bricklayers. In such a training, all skills and competences (from beginning to expert bricklayer) will be practised according to the latest standards.

The Refractory Management training will be tailored to the specific needs of the management team.

Endoscopic Inspections

By means of a water-cooled video camera the inside of a refractory lined vessel, such as a hot blast stove, can be inspected in hot condition. The results of this inspection can be used to determine the repairs required.

Quality Control Inspections

Pirson Refractories is certified and has the experience and resources to perform quality control inspections at the facilities of refractory manufacturers. Since our inspectors are also involved in refractory installation they are in a position to determine which deviations from the specification are acceptable and what has to be rejected.

Core Drilling

Core Drilling is a technique used to assess the lining condition of blast furnaces and electric arc furnaces in hot condition. Samples of refractory material will be taken at various locations in suspected areas of the furnace cores by using hollow drills to drill holes. Then the extend of chemical attack by alkalis or water can be further analysed in the laboratory.
In addition, the remaining lining thickness can be determined by measuring the temperature at the tip of the drill during the hollow drilling process.



Heat-up Services