Taphole Repair

Rapid Reaction Team on site within 48 hours.
Whenever – Wherever, available 24 hours a day, 365 days year round.

Minimal downtime

Short delivery time combined with professional advice, accurate project management and experienced field personal ensure safety and minimum down time. This commitment is made possible by the Pirson Refractories unsurpassed ability to react quickly from any of their many offices across Europe and keeping a large emergency inventory available in Holland.

Our Guarantee for minimal downtime:
#1. 1st assessment within 24 hours after being contacted;
#2. Engineering starting within 24 hours
#3. Repair scenario fully available within 48 hours!

Proven results
Pirson Refractories is the leading refractory company for both emergency repairs and regular Furnace, Stove or Coke Oven repairs. Please have a look at a selection of performed repairs by clicking on the links above.

Pirson Refractories is SCC ** certified (European Safety Standard)

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